Episodes 7 – 11

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Dated: 14 Apr 2009
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Use this post to comment on episodes 7 – 11.  Since I doubt you’ve committed the numbers to memory, here’s a reminder (warning: spoilers).

Episode 7 – This Old House – Catherine finds a new place and settles in. Eddie gets even, then wishes he hadn’t.

Episode 8 – Welcome. Go Away! Welcome. Catherine welcomes Chris into her home. She’s threatened by one group of vampires in The City, then welcomed by others.

Episode 9 – The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life. Catherine offers Chris eternal life, and gives him a small sample of the pleasure it entails.

Episode 10 – Decisions, Decisions.  Chris makes his decision.

Episode 11 – The conversion.  Some conversions are harder than others.

2 Responses to “Episodes 7 – 11”

  1. Mack Says:

    Hi Dave, I had some dental surgery this morning and made a playlist to listen to during the procedure. Teeth & blood – could anything have been more appropriate than listening to Episode 11, Chris’ conversion? I’m looking forward to finding out how Chris comes to terms with his new form of existence. I almost said his new life but that didn’t seem an appropriate expression for a vampire.

  2. zachm Says:

    Episode 8, so fantastic.. reminds me of a time when i was young and was going door to door with an elderly over zealous man, blind as a bat, and a 30ish woman answered the door in a robe, with the top open exposing her breasts. and the old guy i was with didn’t notice… she said she wasn’t interested, and he said “that’s nice” and kept talking. Sliding her hands to her hips she opened her robe all the way open. She had one of the most fantastic bodies i’ve never seen…. He never noticed…

    I was 14… i’ll never forget it…

    I’m on day 2, and up to chapter 11. You’re an amazing author dave!


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