Episodes 16 – 17

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Dated: 9 Jun 2009
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Episode 16 – Catherine and Chris make perpetrations for the final battle, while a new threat captures the attention of the public.

Episode 17 – The Final Episode.  Chris and Catherine throw a party.

11 Responses to “Episodes 16 – 17”

  1. care Says:

    Dave, just wanted to say “thanks” for Blood Witness. Every Wednesday I anxiously listened to each new episode. I really enjoyed the story. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Hihi Dave,

    I swear I think I cursed you a couple times for each time I had to wait till the long awaited next Wednesday for the next episode. But the waits made it all the more satisfying. Thank you for all the chapters and effort you made to create this.

  3. Dave Hitt Says:

    Now new listeners can get all the episodes at once, but they’ll miss out on one thing: Without having to wait for the next episode they won’t be able to “shudder with antici. . .


  4. Josh Says:

    Great book! Haven’t heard the last episode yet. Umm, please tell me this isn’t the end…is there going to be a sequel??

  5. Derek Says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you, Dave, on an excellent book. Cheers to you!

  6. Collin Says:


    You’re KILLING me. Dude I gotta believe that this isn’t the end of Chris and Catherine’s story!! Tell me there is another book. I can’t believe that they….well you know. After all they went through i need to see what happens to them.

  7. Kel Says:

    Outstanding book!! I too agree with the others in saying I hope you plan to write more about Chris and Catherine in the near future. I have rated it on Podiobooks and plan to do so on ITunes as well. Thank you, Dave, your work is appreciated and enjoyed.

  8. Don McGunigale Says:

    Enjoyed the entire book during a very long drive, thought the concept was great and enjoyed it all the way through. Enjoyed the twist when Stephen became a Vampire. Anyway wanted to tell you loved your book.

  9. Kenn Says:

    I spotted this book a few times while looking for a good vampire story but I always skipped over it and kept looking because I didn’t think I would be interested in reading about a vampire and a JW. I finally decided to at least listen to a few episodes and before I knew it, I had listened to the entire thing in just a few short days and was wishing the story hadn’t ended!

    Excellent job, Dave! You had me hooked from the get go.
    It’s a cool story, well paced with great narration. You really draw the listener in and make them want to learn more about these polar opposite worlds – and wondering whats going to happen when these two worlds collide.
    My only question is:

    When does your next book come out? :)

    Great job,

  10. Dave Hitt Says:

    Not for at least a year. I’m almost finished with the first draft of a very different novel (a detective story), and like most first drafts it sucks. Which is OK, first drafts are supposed to suck, and then you pound them and beat them and cajole them and tease them into something readable. But I’ll be very surprised if it’s ready anytime before early 2011.

  11. Dany Says:

    Dave !!! Thanks so much, Blood witness is BAD ASS, I finished the whole thing in one day and loved every minute of it. I so hope there will be a sequel. You Rock :)

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